Blogs – the new village well for women?

Once upon a time women congregated around the village well to discuss the important matters of their day and compare notes on everything from cooking to breast feeding.  More recently, we gathered around the water cooler to catch up with latest. 

Now, most of us don’t have time to hang out at the water cooler during office hours – we’ve got to get through the work to get home to cook dinner, or get to uni to finish off that post-grad degree.  So, how do we keep up with (and learn from) other women?  According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald last month, women have a particular aptitude (and love) for blogging and blogs as a way of staying in touch with other women.  We use blogs to find that much needed sense of community, in good times as well as during those “long nights of the soul” (particularly when the baby won’t stop crying).  

The article describes the ways in which women connect with each other online through commenting on blogs, and sharing their own experiences, thoughts, concerns and ideas.  And for those who are really busy, Twitter is the microblog of choice.

Men and women both use blogs to share their important thoughts on life, the universe, their particular field of endeavour or interest and all of that.  And women also use blogs to relate to and learn from each other, just as we’ve always done, but now using technology to achieve it, in our spare time.